Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Keep right on digging that hole, Albert!

Dear old Albert Nugent just doesn't seem able to put down his shovel, does he?

Currently suspended by the NEC in a row over female candidates, you would have thought that even Albert would have noticed that the hole he's in is pretty deep already.

But rather than look up, Albert just digs merrily away - "I've got a shovel and I'm going to use it" seems to be his mantra.

Last week he defied orders to attend the DCC meeting and support the appointment of his successor - and now he risks possible expulsion from the Labour Party for his pains.

A Party spokesman said "Under the terms of his suspension, Albert Nugent is supposed to vote with the Labour whip."

Albert's response? "They can please themselves what they do. They (the Labour Party) humiliated me and I was not going to be humiliated again.

"I was told I had to go, but I said I was not going to."

Oh dear, Albert, oh dear.....

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