Wednesday, 28 May 2008

DCC: plus ca change.......

By 'Returning Officer'

Last week came the news that Durham County Council's new cabinet had been hand-picked. Described by some as a 'cabinet of all the talents', it looked like some common sense was coming to the fore after all the recent shenanigans under the leadership of the dear-departed Albert '21 jobs' Nugent.

However, if we have learned anything at all from watching DCC in recent times, we expect excitement; we expect confusion; we expect argument - and we're rarely disappointed.

Last Friday saw the annual meeting of DCC's 126 members. Top of the agenda was a vote to confirm the appointment of the 10-strong cabinet. The Lib Dems got hot under the collar because attempts by them to offer alternative candidates for cabinet positions were thwarted. The Labour group made sure an effective whip was in operation and so the already-selected cabinet was elected en masse in one single vote.

Newly-elected Lib Dem Carol Woods cried 'T'ain't fair' (or similar) and was shouted down by new chairman Len O'Donnell.

From where I stand, you'd have thought that the spanking Labour took in the recent elections would perhaps have taught them some humility.......oh well, maybe not.

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