Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!

By 'Simple Scribe'

The local press is full of claims today that ‘former council boss’ Albert Nugent is seeking legal advice in an attempt to claim unfair dismissal.

Wor Albert is accusing the Labour Party – who suspended him indefinitely just prior to the recent election for the post of council leader – saying “All the literature I get from the party tells me to work for the party. So if I am employed by the party, then I can sue them for constructive dismissal.”

Now Albert, forgive this simple scribe’s naivety, but we all thought you were an elected representative of the people and not an employee.

Did we miss a trick here? Weren’t you supposed to be ‘working’ for the good of the electorate?

When political figures suffer a downturn in fortunes, it’s often described as a ‘fall from grace’. Dear Albert, we have all recognised your fall – but so far we can see very little ‘grace’ on your part.

Good luck with your action Albert; it will be more than interesting to see what advice your legal eagles give you. (While you’re waiting, we can always give you the address of your local Job Centre; then you can find out for yourself what happens when ‘ordinary people’ lose their jobs).

Albert told the press today: “There are people in the North East Labour Party who should wake up and realise that the public aren’t stupid.”

Do you know what, Albert….I think they DO realise it, and we – the public, the electorate – can confirm it, too!

(If you thought you recognised today’s headline, it’s a steal from the classic film Carry On Cleo. The marvellous Mr Kenneth Williams [parish thespian], as Caesar, delivers the line as he’s faced by the conspirators with their daggers drawn. I just couldn’t resist – sorry Albert!)

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