Monday, 29 September 2008

Who on earth is that.......Why, it's the Tory front bench!

They might cost a lot but no one knows what good they do. People on the street don't seem to even know what they look like. That's what the Telegraph found recently when they took to the streets of Birmingham to ask if people knew who the Tory front bench were.

They hadn't a clue!

Not to worry, Cobblers strugglers with the blighters too. The Telegraph asked 40 people on the streets of the city hosting the Tory conference to name the 20 photos they had in possession.

The answers were hilarious as well as revealing.

The residents of Birmingham suggested that Francis Maude, the Shadow Cabinet
Office Minister, was "slightly Hugh Hefner".

Michael Gove, the Shadow Secretary for Children, Schools and Families, was confidently identified as Zammo, the heroin-addicted schoolboy from the long-running television series Grange Hill.

Only one person knew Oliver Letwin, the cerebral chairman of the Conservative
Research Department, but two suggested he was Nigel, the loveable but hapless
EastEnders character.

Theresa May, the leopardskin shoes-wearing Shadow Leader
of the Commons, may be delighted to hear she was considered "a cross between
Judy Garland and Rita Hayworth." The next person said she was more like Jane
Rossington, who played Jill Richardson in Crossroads. And one woman thought she
was Ruth Kelly.

The survey showed the Shadow Cabinet as far more anonymous than the Labour ministers. Eleven out of the sample of 20 were unrecognisable to all surveyed. Only four shadow ministers – Mr Cameron, George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, and Liam Fox, the Shadow Defence Secretary - were identified more than once.

Our favourite comment however has to be from one lovely old dear Sandra Gillett said of Dave;

"I grew up a Conservative and he has got my vote. He looks like a young John Wayne - and John Wayne was lovely when he was younger."

....Dear me!

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