Wednesday, 24 September 2008

52 into 7 won’t go…Better sharpen up your CVs folks!

As we breathlessly hurtle towards the dawn of our new super-duper unitary authority next year – reassuringly to be called Durham County Council – it seems that the new slimline body won’t have room for many senior officers.

Top bods from eight local councils in the county will, apparently, have to re-apply for their jobs because a new-look team of just seven senior officers will replace the current squad of 52.

And it appears that the 52 won’t just be competing amongst themselves to be members of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ – they’ll have to beat off applications from external candidates, too.

It’s already been trumpeted that the yet-to-be-born unitary council will need to make savings of over £21 million.

Best guess at the moment is that the ’52 into 7’ exercise will save more than £3 million in wages alone. (You can almost hear the rustle of paper as old CVs get dusted off and updated, can’t you?)

On the subject of money – a subject very dear to this scribe’s heart – it seems that the first chief executive of the new authority will be paid a salary of ‘around £200,000’ per year.

You might be interested to know that this figure is some £13,000 a year MORE than the Prime Minister receives for steering UK plc through stormy waters and difficult times.

I’ll leave you to draw your own ‘value for money’ conclusions…….

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