Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The smell of decay settles over Westminster

The Brown ending to Labour’s electoral dominance mirrors ever more closely the Major years – especially with the ever increasing whiff of decay. We see yet again how all power corrupts:

The Home Secretary in two separate rows over expenses.
  • Prisons Minister Tony McNulty ditto
  • Ex-Minister Nigel Griffiths exposed by the News of the World for inappropriate (shall we say) use of his Parliamentary office late at night.
  • Ex-Ministers Adam Ingram and John Reid have set up companies to garner six figure fees they are now earning.

Of course it’s pretty obvious that there’s a concerted campaign going on to “get Labour”, but there’s certainly something to be “got” too. The House of Commons Authorities should be having an urgent look for the leeker in their midst. The selective release of information ahead of formal publications seems to be politically motivated – and there’s no room for that in an impartial civil service.

But this certainly seems to be the point of no return. Up to now it has been possible to compose an argument that Labour could still claw their way back from their dismal poll showing. That no longer seems to be the case.

But before rejoicing, reflect that the Tories are saying privately already that their spending cuts will be savage. You have been warned!

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