Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I can sing a rainbow……

By ‘Gadabout’

If you’re passing by Darlington Town Hall on August 11, take a gander at their flagpole.

Chances are you’ll see a lovely rainbow flag fluttering in the breeze; nice.

It’s there to celebrate Gay Pride 2008, an evening extravaganza featuring drag acts, fire eaters and stilt walkers that will be happening at various bars throughout the town.

Darlington Borough Council was approached with the request to fly the flag by Barry Birch, the Chief Executive of Gay Advice Darlington/Durham (GADD).

Fair play to the Council; they agreed, demonstrating that they really are an inclusive bunch.

What set us musing, however, was the acronym of Gay Advice Darlington/Durham – GADD.

We wondered how it is that various bodies arrive at catchy – sometimes silly – acronyms.

For instance (and see our post on July 22), one of the mooted names for our soon-to-be-realised super-duper council is ‘County Durham Unitary Council’. If you write the acronym, it’s simply CDUC. But say it out loud and it becomes SEEDUC…… See what we mean?

Do you have any nominations for silly (or just plain odd) acronyms? Let us know, won’t you?

(By the way: the dictionary definition of ‘gadabout’ is ‘a person who flits about in social activity’ – quite appropriate, we thought!)

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