Thursday, 12 June 2008

Labour's internment without trial plans

By 'Runnymede'

Cobbler's children don't usually stray much beyond the boundaries of the Prince-Bishopric, but one happened to be in Westminster last night as the result of the 42 day detention (internment without trial) plans were 'approved'.

The Government 'won' by 9 votes - and it seems the Northern Ireland DUP members (who number, er, 9) were persuaded at the last minute to back the plan.

Reactions amongst Labour MPs overheard in the corridors were of some interest......

"A win's a win, as they say at Upton Park" - Cabinet Minister to Home Office Minister

"The Lords will throw it out, so we'll have to do it all again, unless the PM quietly lets it die" - Ministerial aide.

"I wonder if we can do that again" - Irish peer, on the reported 'bribe' of £200 million to the DUP to vote with the Government.

"Vote DUP, get Labour" - Labour cynic

"That bribe will come out of the defence budget" - Opposition MP (It is said that £200 million from sales of defence assets in Northern Ireland will be given to the Northern Ireland Executive instead of the hard-pressed MOD)

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