Sunday, 23 March 2008


by “Lastman”

Durham County Council Leader, Cllr “21 Jobs” Albert Nugent, has ordered his minions to ban all DCC employees from gaining access to this website. Council employees attempting to log onto the “Cobbler” blog now find “access denied.” If they do want to find out what is really going on at County Hall, they will have to do it from the comfort of their own homes.

This follows questions we have put to Albert, such as how much he gets paid for the eight directorships he holds, in addition to his £35,000+ council “pay.” Needless to say, Albert has signally failed to answer any of our questions – but now he won’t be able to log onto this site (at least, not from his office at County Hall).


Question: what’s the difference between Cllr Albert Nugent, Leader of Durham County Council, and the Prime Minister of China (Chinese: 国务院总理 pinyin: guowuyuan zŏnglĭ), Wen Jiabao? Answer, very little.

1. Both run a one-party state where their respective parties have enjoyed a monopoly of power for decades;
2. Both clamp down ruthlessly on all opposition;
3. Both restrict access to the world-wide web;
4. Both are vulnerable to opposition from within their own parties.

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